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Placement in Aged Care Home

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Aged care homes are also known as “Residential Care”.  There are two types of Residential Care: low-level care and high-level care.  Both levels of care provide a range of services.  High-level care is designed for people who are very frail; require 24-hour assistance and on-going nursing care.  Some aged care homes provide low-level care and high-level care, enabling people to stay in the same home even if their care needs change.  This is known as “Ageing in place”.


Eligibility for Residential Care is determined by an Aged Care Assessment Team, which determines eligibility by assessing a person’s need.  This is a free and confidential service.  A representative – a doctor, nurse, social worker or other health care professional will access your situation and specific care needs. You will be informed about the services you are eligible to receive and how to find a service that meets your needs.  For assessment team you call 1800 200 422.


Once the level of care you need is assessed and approved by your local Aged Care Assessment team, you have the right to apply to age care homes of your choice that meet your needs and preferences.  You can search for the homes that meet your needs on Internet Aged Care, Home Finder:


If the aged care home contacts you and you accept the place, you will need to discuss your resident agreement with the home’s manager.  A resident agreement is a legal agreement between you and the aged care home, and should be offered to you before you move in.


When you enter an aged care home you will keen all your right as a citizen and be able to maintain your personal privacy.  Family and friends can visit you and you will be able to come and go as your health and abilities allow.

You also have the right to maintain control over the personal aspects of your daily life, as well as your financial affairs and possessions, and to have your own living arrangements or those of the home in general.


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